Program Summary:

Tomorrow’s Workforce Now is an initiative designed by ACT and key community college presidents to help improve America's workforce by providing evidence-based selection tools that will benefit thousands of employers and tens of thousands of individuals. Community/regional conveners, or “champions,” such as community college partners, will organize groups of employers who will have the opportunity to use the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Plus - at no cost - to assess up to 20 individuals each.

This initiative requires strong leadership and organization at the local level. A growing number of community colleges across the nation have committed to such leadership roles in implementing the program. Community colleges, acting as local champions, will work with other partners including businesses, workforce agencies, and economic development agencies to help build communities equipped to create and compete for high-quality jobs and careers.

The program is supported by the American Association of Community Colleges, California Community Colleges, and many individual community colleges across the nation.


Our country faces high unemployment. At the same time, employers struggle to find the right people for unfilled jobs, largely because:

Tomorrow’s Workforce Now will assist thousands of employers in their efforts to identify and develop their talent supply chain: incumbent workers and applicants. Additionally, tens of thousands of individuals will be able to analyze, assess, and certify essential job skills that are required by the 21st century workplace.

At a time when our nation - individuals, families, businesses, and communities - needs it most, Tomorrow’s Workforce Now will: